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Miinimum Kogus:1000junktsioone
Pakend andmed:
Karbi suurus: 56 * 37 * 40 cm, 6 tk / karp
T/T 50% Deposit,50% banlance copy B/L







The disposable aseptic surgical first aid kit is developed according to the requirements of general surgery.It includes all the parts needed before and after the operation.Save time and purchase cost, effectively reduce the risk of cross infection.We have all kinds of kits, including shoulder articulation pack, arthroscopy combined package, orthopedic pack, universal pack, upper extremity pack, cath lab, ent surgery pack, cesarean birth pack, OB pack, basic pack, cystoscopy combined package, laparoscopic abdominal surgery kits,lithotomy pack, ophthalmic pack,buttocks pack, spinal surgery pack, knee pack, angiography surgery pack, extremity pack, etc., all kinds of accessories you can mix in the packs, we will arrange production according to your requirements, welcome your consultation


Kliiniliseks kirurgiaks või minimaalselt invasiivseks kirurgiaks.

Tehnilised andmed:

1 x back table cover,reinforced 120x224 cm 1 x CSR outer wrap, 100x100cm 35SMS

1 x hand towel 40x50cm

1 x surgical gown large 125x157 cm 45g SMS

2 x hand towels 30x40cm

2 x surgical gowns reinforced large  125x157 cm 45g SMS

10 x lap sponge, x-ray detectable 45x45cm

1 x bulb syringe

1 x cord clamp

1 x suction tip

1 x tubing  300cm

1 x suture bag

2 x absorbent towel 40x50cm

1 x mayo stand cover, reinforced 59x137cm

1 x C-section drape 183x305cm with aperture and incise fim with liquid collection pouch made in SMMS material

 1 x head bag 42x61cm

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